Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 7: Black and White

I'm so glad it's finally the weekend! It was a rough week at Carnegie Mellon since it's midterms. I had a ton of work to do. But I'm all done for the week :)

Day 7 of the challenge is black and white! I figured it was a good excuse to do some stamping, but it was a bit of a fail :(

I always have trouble scraping the polish off the plate properly, so I couldn't get the full image! And then I put on topcoat too soon and smeared it. Ugh! So frustrating.

I started with two coats of White on White by China Glaze. I used Konad Special Polish in Black to stamp on an image from Konad plate m73.

I think it looks okay from a distance! Strangely enough, a lot of people thought this mani was really cool even though I thought it was a mess.

Oh well. Practice makes perfect!

The next day's theme is metallic; stay tuned.


  1. Even with its imperfections I think this is a nice look. Love the nails!!

    1. Thanks! It wasn't too bad, but I'm a perfectionist haha.