Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 1: Red

Welcome to Day 1 of the 31 Day Challenge! The theme of the first post is: red.

Okay, just before I came back to school, I realized that I owned about two red nail polishes. I, the girl with hundreds of bottles of polish, owned but a few lonely reds. And only one of them was a creme. The other was some sparkly number by ORLY. I picked up a few new reds before I left, and today's theme was a great way to put them to use! And since I now had several red cremes, I decided to do a gradient.

Sadly, the gradient is a little more subtle than I would have liked. I think my colors were just a bit too similar. I used three reds and a makeup sponge to achieve the gradient effect. From lightest to darkest, I used Energetic Red by Sinful Colors, Hey Sailor by China Glaze, and City Siren by China Glaze.

I then decided that a plain ol' gradient was too boring for me. To try out another one of my new indies, I added just one coat of Carbon Copy by Windestine. Carbon Copy is a clear base loaded with tiny matte black glitter. It has great glitter density! Here's a bottle shot if you're interested. It pretty much just looks like a black polish in the bottle since it's quite dense!

I think you can see the gradient a little better here...I'm so good at glitter gradients, but achieving a good color gradient is an art! Oh well; practice makes perfect.

Day 2's theme is'll see that in a few days.

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