Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lime Crime Splits and Studs

So sorry I haven't posted in so long! Finals came along and I got really busy, but I'm back :) I'll try to stick to more regular posting again.

Today I have some fun nail art featuring the Lime Crime polishes again.

To do this mani, I started by painting all of my nails in the lighter of the two colors I would use. So for my thumb, I painted it entirely yellow, my pointer blue, etc. I let all of that dry.

I was lazy (oops) so I didn't use tape for this mani. I painted another Lime Crime color over half of each nail. Then I used some silver square studs from the Born Pretty store and put them in the center of each nail. Added some top coat, then we're done!

The colors I used were all Lime Crime:
Orange: Peaches <3 Cream
Yellow: Crema de Limon
Green: Pastelchio
Blue: Once in a Blue Mousse
Purple: Lavendairy

I really, really love the Lime Crime polishes!

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  1. I have never tried Lime Crime polishes! What do you love about them?